Race and Marijuana Arrests


In this article the author is talking about the use of marijuana in New York. The beginning of the article talked about the history a little and how police officers are not allowed to charge people if they only have a little amount of weed on them. However these police officers would have them take it out of their bags and charge them with displaying weed, which was a loop hole to the law. The end of the article talked more about how they would arrest more minorities then white people because of where they lived.

While reading this article I easily related it to the rules of obedience. The police officers were using the loop holes in the rules as a weapon to get these people into trouble. They also followed the orders of their superior officer by charging people with a marijuana charge. These police officers targeting minorities and African Americans is also not fair or just. They are discriminating against these people because they live in a higher policed area because they cannot afford to move into a nicer neighborhood. These police officers are creating a social injustice by potentially ruining the lives of these kids who they arrest. If they are going to enforce this law they should enforce it to everyone because that is fair. This article would fail the golden rule because these officers are not treating others like they want to be treated.


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