[BP#12] The Asian Version of ‘Magic Mike’ Will Set Stereotypes on Fire

HuffPost Article   It’s Asian Men Trailer


This article is written about Asian men’s struggle to be seen as attractive. It focuses on how majority of the world view Asian men in a stereotypical “Asian” role, due to Hollywood and other roles. Due to this, a parody of Magic Mike is being made titled “It’s Asian Men”.

Ethical Analysis

I hope you came for a bit of fun today. Let’s talk about the ethics of attraction! I’m just kidding. Today, I’m actually going to focus on treating people as people. It seems kind of funny when you think about the stereotypes of Hollywood, but I have personally heard, first hand, accounts of women and men that find Asian men unattractive because of a stereotype.

This is no way to treat another person. While attraction is subjective, stereotyping someone into a role is not, not outside of a screen anyways. (A whole other topic)

Kant states that we ought to treat people as people. As autonomous, rational beings. Stereotyping these men into a “life” role is doing the exact opposite.

Remember, while attraction is subjective, how you treat people is universal.

Also, I hope you enjoy the picture, and watch the video. It’s quite humorous.


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