BP#12 Bringing Back the 70’s: Old Drugs getting new uses



The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, a small nonprofit created in 1985 to advocate the legal medical use of MDMA, LSD, marijuana and other banned drugs, sponsored six Phase 2 studies treating a total of 130 PTSD patients with the stimulant. It will also fund the Phase 3 research, which will include at least 230 patient. The studies found that MDMA(ecstasy) caused patients to report a 56 percent decrease of severity of symptoms on average, one study found.(linked study) By the end of the study, two-thirds no longer met the criteria for having PTSD. Follow-up examinations found that improvements lasted more than a year after therapy.

Harkening back to the drug trials of the 1970’s it has been proved again that with regulation and strict guidelines, drugs that are seen as simply tools for getting high are being proven to have significant pro-health uses, often stepping in where traditional pharmaceuticals cannot help.  However while the benefits of what are considered dangerous are proving powerful the driving force is met by the sceptic camp claiming that we cannot trust patients to not abuse the drugs in prescribed. While this exists as a valid claim it can proven that it is met with an invalid coherence to already agreed upon principles. Traditional pharmaceuticals carry risks as well as benefits, consumption of alcohol and tabasco carry significant health drawbacks. The root of the matter is, just because something carries risks does not make something unethical. Critics of using alternative drugs for treatment are not ethically critiquing the studies for the right reasons at the right time and the right place.


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