BP#12 “Alt-right” or “Alt-wrong”?

While scrolling through the New York Times, I read an article that touched on a group of people I had yet to come across. This group, called “Alt-Right”, just surfaced around a year ago as Donald Trump began to run for the presidency. The peculiar thing about this group is that they are what many call “white supremacists”. This members of this group share common beliefs. Some of the very core ideologies of the group hold that America should be an “all-white” country and oppose immigration, along with feminism, multiculturalism, and other forms of political correctness.

Depending on your individual beliefs and ethics, you may or may not disagree with what this group stands for. Philosophy, on the other hand, tells us that any reasonable person would view “Alt-Right” as ethically wrong and invalid. For one, the universal law formulation explains that an action must be universalizable in order to be rational. The group’s core beliefs are centered around isolaionalism, a strategy that calls for the favoring of “us over them” and the leaving behind of immeasurable opportunities for growth. If everyone had an isolationistic view, it would be self-defeating because in all reality, we rely on the world around us for survival. Pitting races, countries, or individuals against each other would prove unsustainable for any progressive intentions as well as for the human race.

Similarly, the veil of ignorance is not at all utilized by this group of individuals. As explained by Rawls, the veil of ignorance is described as a “veil” in which the user “wears” so that everyone on the other side of the veil is seen as equal, regardless of any differences they may have. The veil of ignorance is a tool that we use to determine what rules social contractors would support. The “Alt-Right” group fails to utilize the veil in almost every instance, and can therefore not be supported by social contractors o be considered in the right.

Additional article referenced form the Washington Post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/lets-party-like-its-1933-inside-the-disturbing-alt-right-world-of-richard-spencer/2016/11/22/cf81dc74-aff7-11e6-840f-e3ebab6bcdd3_story.html?utm_term=.205274707b52


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