BP #12 Ohio State

This past Monday, there was a vicious attack at Ohio State University. Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a 20-year-old, Muslim student was the man behind the horrific act. Artan ran his car into a group of pedestrians on campus and then proceeded to get out with a butcher knife and stab, slice, and cut anybody he could get close to. Police officers responded to the situation quickly; Artan was shot and killed moments after his attack. Luckily, nobody else was killed; however, eleven pedestrians were injured and some were hospitalized. Police are still investigating and trying to find a motive for yet another lone-wolf attack in America.

I feel like this is a scenario that can be related to utilitarianism. Utilitarianism views an action right or wrong based off of the consequences of such action. The right action is one that is optimific; meaning, the greatest balance of good and bad consequences, and benefiting the most people.

What occurred in the situation described in the article would be seen as wrong and immoral in an utilitarianism point of view. Artan knew what he was doing when he drove his car into the group of people and then stabbed many more. With that being said, he harmed a lot of people, including: the eleven that were injured, their family members, the police officer that shot and killed him (mentally I would imagine), and himself. Therefore, this was not an optimific action since he benefited nobody, that I can think of, and there were no good consequences that could outweigh the countless bad ones that resulted from the attack.



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