BP #12: More Women Getting Law Degrees, But Fewer Jobs Available

This article explains how more women are now more likely to be enrolled in law schools, however, there are more women in “lower level” law schools than in prestigious law schools. The significance of this difference is that it can show a disadvantage in the amount of women that are able to get a higher paying job that also has the benefit of job security and professional advancement. One lawyer stated that women start at a disadvantage from the get go. Although many women have law degrees, fewer than 20% hold partnerships at firms.

The issue that can be discussed with this topic is a little different than most, but with these statistics we can argue with the principle of utility. This means that actions are right and wrong in proportion to the happiness and suffering they produce. College students but in a tremendous amount of work to obtain law degrees, and when their education level is past just a bachelors degree, one can argue that it’s something they’re very passionate about. I can attempt to argue the principle of utility with this because the level of happiness and suffering is likely unproportionate. For many of these women, they go through 8+ years of schooling to only find that their degrees may not get them as far as they thought they would.


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