BP #12 Ethics of Mars Colonization

The article seems pretty pessimistic about humans and Mars colonization. It urges to not do it because we would be a burden on other planets and other forms of life.

Should we move from planet to planet sucking the life out of each one for our own survival? If we are to use other planets for our own gain, then we need to be aware of our impact on it. We already have pretty much destroyed Earth, so shouldn’t we leave others alone before we literally destroy the universe with our ethnocentric and democratic views? Our society is parasitic. Humans bring neither satisfaction nor tranquility to Earth.

I think we should fix our planet and our way of life before we destroy another. There could be a microscopic organism that we could destroy with our, literal, first step on the planet.

The article then seems to make a counter argument, or a point on my point I just made.

It uses the term conscious consumerism which occurs when consumers align their wallets with their values. Consumers can and should support business that lift communities our of poverty and add value to the environment.

We have cheaper and faster solar panels, local and organic foods, businesses in general are making the move to be more green.

So once we fix our plants issues, then there would be nothing stopping us from moving to another planet. If we do succeed in preserving Earth, then we deserve that right to enter intergalactic travel.




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