BP #12 Donald Trump Helps Save a Thousand Jobs

During his campaign run for the presidency, Donald Trump promised that he would keep Carrier, a manufacturing company in Indiana, from transporting a thousand jobs over the border to Mexico. Carrier’s motive for wanting to move the jobs down to Mexico was to save about sixty five million dollars in costs. However, this cost does not seem to have a huge impact on Carrier, as their annual revenue is around fifty six billion in dollars. Carrier also has a huge impact on the Indiana economy, which is to be expected from a company that employs over a thousand people and makes nearly sixty billion dollars in revenue. Moving those jobs to Mexico would have had a huge impact all around in Indiana. However, Trump was able to help keep the jobs in Indiana in unknown ways.

I believe that Donald Trump was operating by the autonomy formulation in this situation. The autonomy formulation says that human beings have autonomy and are rational, and thus are worthy of dignity and respect. While Carrier saw those thousand jobs as a way to cut costs, others, including Donald Trump, saw those jobs as financial support for over a thousand hard working Americans. Trump knew that those workers that may lose their jobs were worthy of dignity and respect, and wanted to make sure that they were given the dignity and respect that they deserved. Thus, he somehow convinced Carrier to keep their jobs there in Indiana instead of shipping them down to Mexico just to cut a few costs. Now the workers of Carrier are getting what they deserve: a respectable job that they will be able to make a living off of. Donald Trump also had a similar incident in Kentucky, where he was involved in keeping a Ford plant from moving out of the country. These acts are wonderful examples of the autonomy formulation and how it can help for the betterment of people.



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