BP #12 – After Election, Nearly 900 Hate Incidents – Humanity Formulation


In this article, Moriah Balingit of the Washington Post discusses how in the days after Donald Trump was elected president, The Southern Poverty Law Center, documented 867 “hate incidents.”  From Asian to Gay, to African American and Muslim people, everything from racist remarks to acts of vandalism have occurred.  There are even documented incidents against Trump-supporters, 23 to be exact.  Balingit reports that because the center started tracking incidents after the election is pretty impossible to know whether these incidents were a direct response to the election itself.  However, it is reported that the ones that were reported did note that they had never experienced anything like this before, which leads Richard Cohen, president of the Southern Poverty Law Center to conclude that the election of Donald Trump has led supporters and non-supporters to be more forceful in nature against others.

I view this article through the lens of the Humanity Formulation.  The Humanity Formulation speaks about how we should never treat a person merely as a means but only as an end.  We shouldn’t use people for our own good taking away the value that one holds.  In this article, there are 867 documented incidents in which this happened.  867 people decided to devalue the lives of others, using them as a means of spreading hate.  It has always been stunning how people can be moved to commit hate crimes from the words of another person.  Everyone should adhere to the guidelines established by the Humanity Formulation.  If everyone saw and respected the value that every person holds, hate crimes such as the ones documented by the Southern Poverty Law Center would be no more.  People should understand that in order for this country to grow it takes us believing and relying on each other.  To strengthen our communities we must grow from the inside out, putting value back in our people and taking the value out of the hate that some people put so much time in trying to spread.


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