BP #12

As humans we tend to destroy things only to benefit ourselves without thinking about the consequences our actions have on other people/animals. In the 1830’s three enormous dams were constructed cutting off the route to many fishes breeding grounds. The Shad, alewives, and blueback herring populations have all collapsed. Two of the three dams have been removed and thousands of all different kinds of fish have swam upstream with the access to fresh habitat. Including 8,000 shad, 500 Atlantic salmon, baby eels, and thousands of mature lamprey. Dam removal is gaining popularity nation wide. 4 dams are scheduled to be removed from the Klamath river in the year 2020. The migration of these fish really have a positive impact on the wildlife around their ecosystems. They bring back different oceanic nutrients allowing for plants to grow else where and enriched that area with its presence. The migration of these sea creatures also attract other land animals increasing the food web around these ecosystems. The removal of these dams have also graced us with the endangered species that scientist thought were gonna die including the shortnose sturgeon allowing them to move freely into new territory and began to repopulate. It’s great to see environmentalist making a positive impact on this world. The truth is the animals were here first and we stole their world so it is only fair of us to perform those duties to keep the animals and the environment full of life.


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