BP #12

Russell Davis is a father with two kids. He lives in Nevada and he is running for his local school board on the platform of banning High School football. It’s a tough sell, and an even tougher platform to run a campaign on. However, Davis does this at an interesting time for football in America and that is why he is receiving so much attention. Many of us have read the book or watched the popular Will Smith movie Concussion. Today, football, America’s most popular sport faces evidence of serious injury and illness derived from head trauma. It’s a cold reality that many of us do not want to wake up to. Football has been engrained into American pop culture over the last century, but slowly we’re beginning to understand that maybe football isn’t as great as it seems.

It’s interesting to me because I played High School football. Enthralled by awesome spectacles of giant men colliding at full-speed, not to mention having all your peers watch and support you on Friday nights is a tremendous thing. However it’s tough to ignore science. For Davis, it’s impossible. His personal virtue is that football, which has been proven to have debilitating effects on the mind should not be a part of education. He would not let his children play it, and therefore does not think that anyone should allow their children to play a sport that ultimately will hurt them. But Davis doesn’t stop there. He displays incredible integrity by standing up for his belief and campaigning on a platform to ban high-school football. The cool part about this, is nobody else has campaigned like this before. Davis, displays integrity even though his defeat is almost certain, which is exactly how I know that he has it.



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