BP #12

England’s Football Association has broken their silence in these past two weeks to hire sexual assault lawyer, Kate Gallafent, to oversee the investigation of sexually abused Andy Woodward. In interviews former club Crewe Alexandra player, Woodward, announced he had been sexually abused by former coach Barry Bennell. Bennell has multiple past sexual abuse charges already against him, yet no different outcome. Four other players came forward and made similar statements, saying they had been abused since the age of 11 and if they tried to come forward they received threats of violence and threats against his soccer career. Two more¬†teammates who were on Bennell’s team came forward with similar stories of abuse, as well as another came forward announcing he had been raped more than “hundreds of times.” An astounding six more came forward after this initial interview was released, saying they were assaulted within the soccer program as adolescences. England’s Football Association is being investigated after all of these men have stepped forward.


I think this strongly resembles the ring of Gyges, Barry Bennell was able to use his authority and power over these young boys to get what he wants. Children as taught to respect and follow as well as adhere to what adults tell us. Children are innocent and helpless when it comes to these types of things because they are blindly listening to what they are told as well as being put in a vulnerable spot, they have little to no say or power. Bennell was able to utilize this for his own advantages, he coached many clubs in England, he was a scout and could make or break a child’s career within soccer, having that much power, especially in England, makes for a dangerous threat. Bennell was able to overpower these kids because he had what they wanted, a future in the sport they loved.


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