BP 12


One of the big points of this year’s election was protecting human rights. Many people believed that minority groups would be in danger in a Trump-Pence presidency. As it stands right now, it is widely believed that the United States administration will soon change stances on its LGBTQ policies.

Under the Obama administration, many laws have been implemented to protect against the discrimination and harassment of LGBTQ members. These laws were not only produced domestically, but also pertained to international relations. The United States aimed to identify uses of discrimination and crimes against the group. ” The instruction went further, directing ‘diplomatic and consular missions to encourage foreign governments to reform or repeal laws’ where consensual homosexual conduct was being prosecuted.” The end goal was to protect LGBTQ rights under the Universal Human Rights Framework. It identified LGBTQ as a subculture that needed protection through attacks.

The issue arising is that Mike Pence, who will likely have a very strong hand in developing policy, holds a very strong view against LGBTQ groups. Through his history as Governor of Indiana, he has repeatedly voted against the rights of LGBTQ members. In one instance, which is believed to happen again, he voted to not have LGBTQ recognized as a subgroup that needed protection. By not allowing them to be seen as a group, he is in violation of Kant’s Formulation of Humanity Imperative. Pence is not allowing them to get the same protection other groups are. He is dehumanizing every member of the group. Through his eyes, members of these groups are not deemed equal and they should not have the right to live the same lifestyles as everyone else. This includes being able to have a family. This dehumanization puts them at risk for further attacks, especially at a worldwide level. It will be dangerous for LGBTQ members around the world because if they are dehumanized, it makes it easier to attack them as a group.


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