BP#12 Attack on OSU’s Campus

BP#12 Attack on OSU’s campus

Just the other day, Ohio State University (OSU) was under lock down after a student ran over multiple people with his car, and then got out of the car and started to stab nearby students with a knife.  This attack was sudden and quick.  It began at 9:50 Monday morning just as students were returning back to class from Thanksgiving break.  All in all, no one died from the attack, but 11 students were injured; 5 by stab wounds, and 6 by being hit by Mr. Artan’s car.  This attack didn’t last long thanks to campus police officer Alan Horujko.  Mr. Horujko gave Mr. Artan orders to put down his weapon, and Mr. Artan refused to comply so the officer shot and killed Mr. Artan.  This officer saved so many people’s lives by stopping this horrific attack and he was credited by local officials for helping to save many lives.

This attack done by Mr. Artan broke so many ethical concepts, but I want to talk specifically about Hobbes’ State of Nature Thought Experience and how it relates to this action.  In the State of Nature Thought Experience Hobbes puts this picture of total anarchy into play.  There is no right and wrong action. So, the action of running over and stabbing people would be perfectly okay if we were in this so-called state of nature.  The problem is this state of nature doesn’t exist because we have government and rules set in play to prevent this.

Liberty is our freedom from impediments to do whatever we want to do.  We give up some of this liberty, so we don’t have this state of nature where everyone is doing whatever they want to benefit themselves.  Giving up some of our liberty is the best for society as a whole, and according to John Stuart Mill, this action of giving up some liberty for the benefit of many is the optimific action.  To relate this action to Kant’s Universal Law Formulation, if everyone were to go around stabbing and running over people, well the world would be total chaos and eventually everyone would be dead.  To prevent this from happening we have these laws and rules to follow set in play by the government and when they are broken people are punished.  In this case at OSU, Mr. Artan acted completely psychotic, and irrational and broke many of these laws and ended up losing his life in the process.


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