BP# 12: Will Donald Trump Be a Fiduciary?

What Donald Trump Might Do for Working-Class Families

President elect, Donald Trump has been mentioning many things he wants to do for working class families. He says he will lower taxes, deport illegal immigrants along with keeping more from coming in to the united states, and fixing trade deals. He believe doing these things will allow incomes of working class families to raise. A major policy Trump talks about is paid maternity leave. He believe is it important to have paid maternity leave because it secures women’s positions in the labor force. The majority of Americans believe woman should receive paid maternity leave, agreeing with Donald Trump. Another policy that Trump says to be important that would benefit working class families is child care. He wants to make it easier for parents to deduct the average cost of taking care of a child from their income taxes, as this would immensely help many families in the United States.

Donald Trump being president elect means that very soon he is going to have a lot of power. A lot of power over the entire country of the United States. Over the next four years (or possibly 8) he is going to have many opportunities to make very large decisions which will effect everyone. That is the important part. He can make the final decision on his own. The last say is up to him. The thing is though, that he is in charge of making the decision that is in the best interest of everyone in the united states, not just what he thinks is best. This means that we all need Donald Trump to act as a fiduciary. A fiduciary has the capacity to act autonomously, but is constricted by the best interests of their clients. As president he will have this capacity, but as everyone of the United States as his “client” he must act in a way that has the best possible outcome for all of us living here. We have put our trust in him to act as a fiduciary and to “make America great again” in his words, so we all hope that he acts in our best interest.



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