BP #12: OSU on Lock Down


Violent acts happen every day, but sometimes when you hear about them in the News they hit a little bit closer to home. Many students at Ohio State University will be forever changed because of one person’s malicious actions on November 28, 2016. We here about attacks on college campuses all the time, but this one is a little bit different. A student at OSU drove recklessly and intentionally ran into some pedestrians walking on a busy sidewalk and then got out of his car with a butcher knife and started stabbing people. In order to prevent further destruction and injury a police officer was forced to use deadly force and shoot the student which ultimately ended the student’s life. The attack was originally ruled an active shooter at first and the campus was locked down for over an hour.

There are many ethical reasons that we could analyze this students actions to be morally wrong. I think we can relate this story to the Kantian perspective on the three formulations and how to complete a right action. I think that this student clearly fails at least 2 of the formulations. I think that the OSU student fails the Universal Law Formulation because if everyone were to complete this action of going around stabbing people eventually would all die and then the action would no longer be able to be completed. I think that the Humanity Formulation was failed in this instance too because he wasn’t treating those people as humans he was treating them merely as a means and not respecting there right to live. This student was killed because he was not following the laws that have been set to govern the people and that resulted in the student’s death. With the information that I have it seems as if the officer made the best decision in that he probably saved many others from getting injured in this event. So far the only casualty has been the suspect, and that is a great case considering what happened on OSU’s campus today. I encourage everyone to pay attention to their surroundings as it might save your life one day.


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