BP #12

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This article explains how colleges around the nation have started implementing new programs to involve students diagnosed along the spectrum of autism. Autism is now being addressed and colleges are opening their arms to make way for students to better their life too. The programs help students interact socially, gives them challenges to overcome, helps with day to day schedules, and gives them guidelines on how to live independently and successfully with the diagnosis. Some fall short of graduating and some surpass expectations.

Integrity is shown through these individual colleges that are including spectrum of autism students. The boards of the colleges are sticking to their values of helping every student and not being discriminatory  by any means. Everyone that wants to be a student has that opportunity and is followed through their college life with help of others and guidance to see that it is possible to succeed. If the categorical imperative of Kant was applied under the Universal Law test then it is clear to see that it passes the test. If every college were to implement programs to help students with autism succeed then it would pass the test. Everyone could do it and the world would be a better place.


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