BP#12; Facebook Said to Create Censorship Tool to Get Back Into China

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Facebook has always been the media that encourages free speech and sharing throughout. Facebook’s idea is that getting some sort of Facebook is better than no Facebook. There are questions about what they would have to give up to be prevalent in China. I think that this would be straying away from its traditional values to filter out so much information. Facebook has often been promoted as a platform for free speech. They could filter content that is shown on the newsfeed, but users could still post anything. Would they have to limit the content from going viral? It seems like Zuckerberg’s ideas of what he wants the company to represent are changing.

Per McFall, for someone to have integrity they must have (1) Consistency, (2) Coherence of Belief and action and (3) the coherence must be intentional. Zuckerberg has not been consistent with his original theme and idea for what Facebook represented and encouraged. Saying that Facebook is a platform for free speech and then creating a censored version just to appeal to China is not coherent with that of his words. Saying one thing and doing another shows a lack of integrity.

It is not very likely that Facebook will make it into China. They’re very strict rules on governing internet platforms put strong limitations on everything. China’s rules on social platforms also make it so that people must use a VPN to go into Facebook the back way. It seems that changing all the rules to reach a new market is the first step in many. Many people are worried that if Facebook will do this they will do other things. What is keeping them from censoring other places outside of China? A lack of integrity leads to a lack of trust. I think that even if they make a censored version of Facebook in China, most users will still use a VPN and get the full Facebook that they want.


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