Blog Post #12 – Do People Regret Not Voting?

With the election done and over, are those who decided not to vote happy with their choices? With just over half the nation who chose not to vote, some people are in an uproar, but what do the non-voters think?

At a Milwaukee Barber shop, three men weigh in on why they chose not to vote and state they don’t regret anything. One man stated, “Milwaukee is tired. Both of them were terrible. They never do anything for us anyway.”  Unfortunately, this is a common mindset for many American citizens, citing they chose not to vote because they believed it would not have changed anything.  All three men vehemently voted for Barack Obama during his  campaign, both times, but this year their passion and desire to vote seems to have left them. Disappointed in the lack of change made during his presidential campaign, the three men still believe that nothing will ever change.

Immanuel Kant, a German philosopher, utilizes the categorical imperative to determine if an action is deemed moral. By applying his categorical imperative, more specifically the law of universality, to this scenario we can break down if the action of voting or not voting is indeed something that passes his test. If every person in America decided to vote, the action of voting would still be possible. More importantly, with every American voting for who they believe to run this country, results will no longer be skewed or uneven. Each person has expressed their opinions and a more accurate representation of who Americans want to be president. Now, if every American decided not to vote at all,what would happen? With the entire country remaining silent, we would have to come up with a brand new system of choosing our leaders, and therefore voting would no longer exist. The action has become self defeating and fails Kant’s test.

Is voting something that should not be neglected? Are the opinions of the men valid? What do you guys think?

***Disclaimer: As a non voter myself, this blog has no intention of judging those who have or have not decided to vote. It is simply my own analysis of Kant’s law based on voting in America.***



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