Strike 2 for Samsung


Just a couple of months ago Samsung was under major heat for recalling their Galaxy Note 7 not just once, but *twice*, before putting the phone model to rest.  This past Friday, Samsung announced a formal recall of 2.8 million washing machines – more than a month after the U.S. governement issued their first warning that these machines are unsafe.  34 models have been recalled that were sold between March 2011 and November 2016.  There are few remedies Samsung is offering to compensate consumer’s who have purchased a recalled washing machine.

Ethical Analysis:

Samsung did not recall their product before the Consumer Product Safety Comission issued a warning.  The CPSC recalled the washer during the same time Samsung was first battling their loss with the Note 7 recall.  There is current debate over whether the CPSC is tampered by laws that prevent them from disclosing information about product problems and hazards before consulting with the respective company.  The CPSC should be granted a larger control over taking these deffective products off shelves and have more control over the recall process.  This is a serious problem for consumers safety.  Consumers will not only continue to doubt the quality of their products but also doubt the empathy Samsung has for their customers.  If you take into account pro-client relationships being that the CPSC is the authoritative or professional figure and Samsung is the client, this case would most closely resemble the fiduciary model because the CPSC provided knowledge and information regarding the client’s product for the client’s best interest but still has the majority of the decision.  The client, in this case, just decided not to act from that advice right away.  In regards to Samsung as the professional and their customers as the client, they failed to properly carryout the agency model.  The decision lies primarily with the client in the agency model.  With Samsung failing to recall their washers in a timely fashion, they failed to carry out the wishes of their consumers in that timely manner.  Samsung has moved more towards solidifying that relationship again with the client by offering a handful of remedies to accomodate the problem, but it was at first a failed relationship.




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