BP#11 – Presidential Immaturity


After another horrifying at Venezuela, the president of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro celebrates in the channel “Alo Presidente” with his wife the putrefaction of the country from its roots to the outside. Since he doesn’t have the same charisma as the ex-president Hugo Chavez, he has to come out with other ways to make his charisma resemble, and he does it by dancing salsa. Especially if the song that he plays is one called “Tu Loco y Yo Tranquilo”-“You’re crazy crazy and I’m chill”; describing the current situation of the government with the opposition in the topic od the dialogue, which was a total disaster and nothing was concluded out of it.

Even though if you have no background in what this man has done and you just see him dancing in social media you would think that he is an excellent president and “cool”; but this is not the case. According to what I have learned about Davis, president Nicolas Maduro is using Malicious Obedience to produce more suffering on the population. By showing how ignorant and uninterested he is in solving the Venezuelans economy, security and health issues he is making the Venezuelan people feel hopeless. By doing this acts of dancing while the whole country is burning to the ground, Maduro is following the rules of doing what Maduro believes is right for the country. But at the same time, he is using it as a weapon of his choosing, in this case, making the Venezuelan people feel hopeless for better future. If the president had analyzed more in depth the situation and used some Interpretative Obedience, he would have done different actions, by using moral thought to do a job. Instead of doing what he was told to do, which is make a fool of himself on national radio and social media.


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