BP #7

Following the election, Twitter erupted with an unprecedented amount of hate speech. Twitter users have continually bashed the social media site for its inability to regulate and remove hate-speech from the eyes of users. Methods of filtering and blocking have been implemented in the sites ongoing battle to reduce the harmful effects of hate speech. The really bothersome part about hate speech on a platform like twitter, is the capacity of the every-day racist or bigot to communicate with a celebrity and henceforth presenting vile ideas and statements to a global community.

Twitter, Facebook, and whatever else is out on the social media market is today’s center for the free exchange and flow of ideas. The effort put forth by these sites to monitor abuse on the surface seems like a good way of protecting users, but its also a lot like giving people ear-plugs when they walk-through kirkhoff. I think this boils down to a freedom-of-speech type issue. If we universalize the elimination of abusive language, then consequently there is no abusive language, which in turn means that there is no positive language. There is just language, no good or bad. This can not happen. We MUST be able to understand the difference between the two.

Additionally, I find it’s very easy to get tough behind a keyboard, whether for an abuser, celebrity, or anyone else. Perhaps the best form of avoiding abusive tweets is to get away from the computer screen and into real conversations. In my opinion it is impossible to maintain integrity online and “stand up” for something. First of all, you literally can not stand up. Second, rhetoric is meaningless if it can not be articulated in person.


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