BP # 11 TripAdvisor to Stop Selling Tickets to Tourism Attractions

Just last month TripAdvisor announced it will stop selling tickets to some of the cruel wildlife tourism activities when travelers come into physical contact with captive wild animals or endangered species. So that means no more elephant rides, petting tigers, or swimming with the dolphins. Yet the world seems to be on TripAdvisor’s side with a petition going around to end all sales of such wildlife tourism activities with over half a million people backing it.

The company’s CEO and president says it wants to celebrate destinations and attractions that care for animals. He says they want people to make more informed decisions about animals attractions and write more meaningful reviews. There will be an educational portal providing points of views from experts in various fields of zoology to animal welfare to sustainable tourism.

We can easily say that the CEO and president has virtue and integrity. He’s standing up for his beliefs and isn’t backing down knowing it’s the right thingto do.

He seems to believe that animals are part of the moral community and need to be treated better. While he may not be able to stop the cruelty completly, he is doing his part to educate people and stop what he can. I believe that’s justice enough.




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