BP #11 Facebook’s Fake News Problem

The New York Times came out with an article yesterday that spoke of Facebook potentially releasing “illegal, misleading or deceptive, which includes fake news.” The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, insisted that Facebook’s policy on “fake news” is something that is happens but is very rare. They change their algorithm constantly but the more appealing a story is, sometimes it makes it’s way through. The biggest concern with this, as well with Google, is that these stories could of impacted the 2016 presidential election for U.S.A. There was a story released about Pope Francis endorsing Donald Trump for president. This wasn’t true but started to make headlines. This is a huge issue but Facebook has insisted that this isn’t the case and there is no harm to be done, no voters were swayed by Facebook.

I think this problem is in line with The Ethics of Sales by Thomas Carson. There is an exchange of trustworthiness and reliance on Facebook for correct information about the news. People share and read these impactful things on Facebook because they depend of them to be true and uncorrupt, especially with such a corrupt election. There isn’t a monetary exchange but this might be almost more important because people are naive and unaware of this breach of trust. I think this is unethical because Facebook has stated that their site is unbiased but if they let posts that are known to be false slide though, they are doing an unjust to their public. Cason says within his theory that failing to uphold guide line principles, which is to avoid pushing people to harmful things. Facebook knowing letting this happen but not making it clear to the public is a direct harm to their daily lives.


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