BP 11


Since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, there have been protests nationwide. These protests have mainly happened in big, metropolitan cities. These protests consist of hundreds, and sometimes thousands of people. California has seen a plethora of protests up and down the state. While many of these protests have occurred on the street, there have been quite a few that have targeted freeways. In the past week, California, which already boasts some of the highest traffic rates, has had protests on its busiest freeways. This has resulted in the freeway to be stopped for hours.

On the streets, protests have led to vandalism. There have been accounts of graffiti, destruction of buildings and destruction of police cars. Cops are in a position where if they intervene, they may become the new focal point of the people and begin being attacked themselves. Through the madness, they have to watch as bricks are being thrown at their cars and their cars are set on fire.

I think the protest of the election is unethical. First of all, the freeway protests do not pass the Universal Law Formulation. If everyone did it, it would be self defeating. They would not be able to stop traffic because there would be no traffic to stop. It also fails the Humanity formulation. The people that are being halted in traffic are being used as a means and not as humans. They do not take into account the people they are sit idly by while they protest. They are keeping parents from picking up their children from daycare, making them liable for the extra fees for being late. They are keeping doctors and nurses from reaching the hospital. They are making the nurses and doctors at the hospital stay longer because their replacements can’t get there. The worst part about it is that the people they are obstructing most likely have the same political views as them.


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