BP #11

This past election was very controversial. After electing Donald Trump last Tuesday, many people have been protesting all over the country. For example, there was a “Love Trumps Hate” protest in Traverse City, MI. During the peaceful protest, an off-duty police officer from the town, Michael Peters, showed up in his truck, flying the confederate flag. One of the protesters said that he, “saw Peters pull up and rev his engine,” while flying the flag. The city was outraged, for good reason, and basically forced the department to open an internal investigation while putting the officer on paid-leave. Peters later resigned.

I think this scenario can be related to the ethical issue of integrity discussed in class. According to Mcfall, there are three components to being a person of integrity: having consistency of internal beliefs, coherence of ones beliefs and actions, and intentionally having such coherence. Furthermore, such beliefs are ones that any reasonable person could take to be important and may be difficult to uphold in face of challenge.

I think the police department showed integrity while dealing with the situation at hand. They are there to serve and protect the community and when an officer in the department instills fear in the community, there is a problem. This is a belief that any reasonable person could take to be important. Furthermore, the department giving him paid-leave while investigating on such short notice and with an outraged community showed that they wanted to make the right decision in the face of controversy instead of acting out of impulse.




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