BP 11″Really Ben?”

I recently read an article that read “Ben Carson declined Trump’s cabinet position because he has no experience” and honestly, I could leave this blog off right here… I hope he knows that we remember that he ran for presidency with no experience either, right? Well, anyways, I read this article and it took me back; way back to when we talked about obedience and the different forms there are. I looked at the situation and the one that made the most sense was negligent obedience and this is for a few reasons. Him running in the first place fit the rules of negligent obedience. He had failed to use “due care”, he did less that he could to  even be qualified to run and he acted moral optimally. Same would be if he actually took the position.

Think about it this way, someone really encouraged Carson to run for president. He has no experience in the field, he no tactics that would help us beyond where we were and he didn’t do all that he could have before he ran to back his words up. That fits the rule of negligent obedience to a tee. Same for if he actually decided to take the cabinet position, which makes no sense why he didn’t, but I do appreciate his honesty to admit he id not fit for the job; as well as others in the white house as well.

After evaluating this case, it seems that most of the candidate is this past election fit the criteria of negligent obedience (assuming they were pressured to run) because honestly, Ben Carson you are not alone. All of them failed “due care”, did less than they could have and acted moral optimally. Maybe it was the candidates this year, or maybe it’s politicians as a whole.





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