Blog #11


In the world wide section of the New York Times I found the article ‘World’s Saddest Polar Bear’ to get a Temporary Reprieve from Home in Chinese Mall. The article was written by Didi Kirsten Tatow on November 14, 2016. The article is about a polar bear named Pizza. Pizza is housed in one of China’s shopping malls. Where animal rights activist say that his cage is not big enough or suitable for a wild animal. The polar bear is being temporarily rehoused. The mall says that they are revamping the polar bears home. Many people are still not happy about this, they think that Pizza should be rehoused permanently.

Ethical Analysis

The key to a pro client relationship is the allocation of the decision making authority and responsibility. There are five models to the decision making process. The five models are the Agency model, contract model, friendship model, paternalistic model and the last one is the fiduciary model. The Fiduciary model is when the pro has disproportionate decision making authority but the pro is required to act in best interest of the client. This is the model I believe the people overlooking the malls best interest use. I think that the professional knew that Pizza made the mall more money. Keeping the animal in such a little cage was not in the best interest of the mall. This was not in the malls best interest because it was upsetting many animal activists. Many shoppers in the mall have even started calling Pizza the world’s saddest polar bear. Bad press is not good for any mall.



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