[REVISED] BP #11 – Bronson Kalamazoo Scam


Scammers have found a new way to get personal and financial information from innocent people. They have recently disguised themselves as recruiters for Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo. The unidentified scammers are going online and targeting individuals who have previously posted their resumes online. The victims are receiving a call form a person stating that they are a recruiter from Bronson in Kalamazoo. They do an online phone screening and go through the entire process before requiring personal and financial information. Many local people are very upset with the hospital and it has received numerous complaints. Bronson notified the local news and warns candidates that they only seek out candidates who have directly applied for positions through the hospital’s website or career events at Bronson.

This situation is an example of very poor integrity and a lack of both personal and social virtue. These scammers are taking advantage of innocent individuals in attempt to steal their identity and money justifying their poor social virtue, or proper relation to others. In this case, the scammers must feel as if they are wearing the Ring of Gyges when hiding behind the computer screen because they know that the chances that they are going to get caught are much slimmer… thus explaining their lack of personal virtue, or proper relation to ones self. The social contract theory speaks on this in the form of justice. Justice is a social contract, but being just is involuntary. We know this because when people can get away with being unjust (as they did in this specific situation), they will act unjustly.  In the face of temptation, the scammers quickly lost sight of their values. If everyone scammed and store from others, we would enter back into a state of nature where life is solitary, cruel, brutal, and short. They were exhibiting an example of deception because they were intentionally causing false beliefs. They were lying and saying something that they knew to be false in order to cause someone else to have false beliefs. On the other hand, they people who were victims of the scam displayed Ignorant Obedience because they were following the rules of what the scammers were telling them to do and what information to give, while blindly falling into the scam.

Bronson warns of scam targeting job hunters


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