BP #11: Phone Number Hacking


Everyone who has a phone is at risk of having their private information stolen, and it might be simpler to have it stolen than you think. More and more frequently people are having their 10 digit phone number connected to private information and some of people might not even realize it. Not only is it connected to all of your personal information, but it is also not a regulated piece of information like a social security number or even a password. It is basically public information and it links you to all of your information. Think about it everyone has received a strange phone call from someone who is trying to get more information than they already have. Well, how did they get your number in the first place? Chances are they found it online somehow. It is very important to be smart with our information, while a phone number doesn’t seem like a valuable asset to a hacker to the common person a hacker can find out more than you probably want them to know just by having your phone number.

There are many ethical issues that arise when these sort of incidences rise up. Most people don’t even realize that they are basically giving hackers all of their personal information by putting their phone number online. I think that this could relate to Hobbes view on the law of nature. Hobbes also explains that the role of the government is to keep our contracts. Well, the issue with the phone numbers is that they are not really protected information and there are not a lot of regulations on them. In order to have a functioning society we must have laws that govern the people. Hobbes agrees that we must give up a little bit of our natural rights in order to have a functioning society. I think that in order to protect the people from hackers there should be increased regulation in the area of cell phone numbers. It seems like it would be a difficult task because everyone has given out there phone number to anyone who asks for it including online because it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. I think that many people fail to realize that their phone number is much like their social security number and they protect that, so why don’t they protect their phone numbers also? This issue is very important and not many people are aware of it, so we must inform people to be smart with their information.


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