BP#11 Woman Killed by Train in Times Square Subway Station

Just the other day a 49-year-old women from Queens, New York was killed after being pushed in front of Times Square Subway Station Train No. 1.  Melanie Liverpool-Turner was charged with second degree murder for pushing this woman into the train for no apparent reason.  It is unclear whether this attack was due to mental illness, but it is suggested in the article that Melanie may have been diagnosed with some type of mental illness that caused her to act in this manner.  She may have acted in this manner due to not taking prescribed medicine, but it is unclear in this article whether or not that is the case. This death immediately caused a mass group of officers to flood the subway station and cause mass backups within the city.  Melanie Liverpool-Turner has not only killed a woman, but has also struck fear into millions of New Yorkers who use the subway every day.  These types of incidents are very rare and uncommon, but makes us think why would someone do this?

Melanie Liverpool-Turner was charged with second degree murder for her actions. I couldn’t agree more with the verdict; psychotic or not, she broke so many ethical concepts in one action, then most people would in a lifetime.  For example, in utilitarianism the right action is the action with the greatest amount of good.  Clearly no good came out of killing this other woman for no apparent reason.  Also, Calhoun mentions how social virtue is having the proper relation to others.  Anyone who has ever killed a person clearly lacks social virtue, for it takes a very high amount of hatred or craziness to kill a person.  Although I could go on and on about the ethical concepts this woman went against, this article instantly got my attention because I thought of Hobbes’ state of nature thought experience.  In the state of nature Hobbes mentions how there is no right and wrong action.  This is because actions aren’t governed by the right of nature.  In the state of nature, it is totally anarchy and everybody does what they want to benefit themselves.  Well this woman doesn’t live in the state of nature, she lives in Queens New York, and actions like that are not tolerated whether you are mentally unstable or not.  This action not only affected this woman but also affected her friends and family, as well as the millions of people who ride the subway everyday who now have to fear being pushed in front of a train.


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