BP 10 WikiLeaks Emails Show Clinton Camp Tipped Of On CNN Poll

WikiLeaks were released showing that Hillary Clinton’s campaign got even more questions in advance for CNN primary town halls. Questions were slipped to top aids and multiple emails were sent containing questions. Clinton’s team was also involved in creating interview questions for Donald Trump and other republican nominee candidates. Not only did Clinton’s team accept the questions in order to cheat, they also were coming up with questions against republican candidates. This shows unethical behavior because she lacks integrity and is not virtuous.

Clinton’s beliefs are not difficult to uphold when it comes to her stance on honesty and fairness. She may say that being fair and honest are important to her, but based on her actions she was not honest. If she was, she would have admitted that she had the questions ahead of time and would have given them back when she found out that they were in her possession. When it comes to her fairness, she would have recognized that having the debate questions ahead of time was cheating and should have just disregarded them. Also, having her team create questions for Republican candidates seems unfair as well because they were looking for “topical/interesting ones” that could potentially make the candidates look bad. It just seems unfair that even though they are not even competing against they are still trying to make “the competition” look bad. Overall, Clinton’s actions show that she does not have integrity when it comes to her beliefs on what is fair and honest.


Source: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/11/08/wikileaks-emails-show-clinton-camp-tipped-off-on-cnn-poll-and-even-more-moderator-questions.html 


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