This article is about a story that was completely made up about a gang rape on campus at the University of Virginia. This story made national news and was talked about for weeks. Although this article was able to help spark sexual assault awareness on college campuses it was done in the wrong way. The Rolling Stones and Wenner Media, owe $1 million dollars to Nicole P. Eramo, the woman who the story was about. The journalist, Sabrina Rubin Erdley that wrote this article is liable for $2 million dollars to her.

The lengths that journalist have gone to make a story, is disgusting. The journalist, Sabrina Rubin Erdley thought she could get away with lying about a very serious topic. I personally have an emotional tie to this case because I have been assaulted to times. To take so lightly to a very serious problem speaks volumes of her lack of character. I am choosing to look at this article through the perspective of the reporter. Sabrina, and The Ring of Gyges. If Sabrina had known that she would be owing Nicole $2 million and ruin her career as a journalist; she wouldn’t have done it. There is no motivation or incentive to do so. So then why? What was her satisfaction for tarnishing a woman’s reputation and publishing a story that was fake? What was her motivation to do that? This article and case baffles me. The problem is people in these organizations who control our brains think they are invisible. This is using people merely as a means. Money and fame over people. I could have written about everything we have talked about in class! Sabrina clearly has no ethics, morals, or regard for anyone else but herself. I question the legitimacy of the Rolling Stone and their ethics as well.



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