BP#10 No More Sugary Sodas

The University of California has recently stopped selling sugar sweetened beverages from its campus. It is the largest corporation to date that has removed sugary drinks from its self. Researchers are trying to find out what will happen when people who normally drink sugary drinks on its campus suddenly stop, what will be the repercussions. The findings have found that people have reduced their consumption of sugar by about a quarter. The campus of California University does not see the point in profiting from items that make people sick and effect their health in a negative way. They have instead replaced the sugary drink with zero sugar soft drinks and unsweetened teas, the exception being all natural juices are still allowed.

The question that ethically arises from this situation is that, is this an optimific move, to replace sugar drinks with non sugar ones? The answer is yes, there are more good consequences compared to bad ones. This will help peoples health and in the long run maybe even help worker production. People will get over the fact that they are not selling these substances because they to will see the benefits. This banning of sugary drinks also relates to the Good Will, meaning that choosing an action because it is the right thing to do. Sure, people will be upset by this decision, but they too being rational beings will understand why it is the right course of action.


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