BP#10 – Gentrification and the fight for Integrity


This article speaks about how some activists of the Boyle Heights neighborhood near Los Angeles feel that art galleries are forcing gentrification upon them.  The issue of gentrification is brought to life from both sides of the argument.  Gallery owners feel that they have every right to be there and supporting the community while the activists feel as though the galleries are there trying to replace the current culture.  There is a real back and forth going on in this neighborhood from both sides.  The gallery owner’s side argues that they are bringing in new business into the area while the long time residents side argues that with the influx of these new galleries there will be a spike in rent and it could force these residents out of their neighborhood and it could also destroy their culture.

Calhoun states that people of integrity stand for something; Persons of integrity treat their own endorsements as ones that matter, or ought to matter, to fellow deliberators.  I feel as though this is what the activists are showcasing in their fight against incoming art galleries.  As this article states, art galleries are what are noticeable right now as far as what is the influx into the community but it isn’t necessarily a fight against art galleries in general.  This fight is against the activists’ fear of displacement and white supremacy.  They feel as though white business owners are coming into their neighborhood and pushing the Mexican-American culture out.  It seems as though the activists feel as though their whole way of life is being threatened.  They are showing integrity for their own beliefs and the beliefs of their community.


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