BP#10; Don’t mess with my chocolate.

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BREAKING NEWS: Toblerone changed the shape of their chocolate bar! That’s right, the expense of making Toblerone has gone up due to price increases in the ingredients. To not raise the price of the bar they changed the shape to cut out 30-40 grams from each bar to reduce costs. Fans and customers were outraged and went to social media to complain about the changes. They kept the price the same and it is not noticeable until it is out of the wrapper. According to the textbook businesses are supposed to be open and honest with their customers. Qualities of good business is honesty and fairness. Toblerone has been honest with their customers online about their reasoning for changing the shape of the Toblerone. Their idea was to keep the price and packaging the same so it does not seem like a big deal to their customers. I think they are doing good business by being honest and informing their consumers. They could have just raised the prices but the company saw that as becoming a bigger issue than changing the shape. It could be seen as deceiving because they are charging the same amount of money for less chocolate. I think that their quick reaction and the way that they handled it was professional and with good business. I would compare it to a bag of chips. There can be three different bags of chips for the same price with all different portions. It is something to accept, I would rather they lower the portion than raise the price.



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