Once admired as a country, we end this election cycle the laughing stock of the world.  “Americans who travel overseas and foreign observers say that tourists who once felt themselves the envy of the world now feel the sting of embarrassment. Businesses that once marketed their jeans and fleece jackets internationally as tiny pieces of the American dream are being advised to revamp their ad campaigns”.  This article talks about how the two candidates are out there campaigning for themselves, but are also representing our country, and the negativity is causing a rippling effect on the country and not just themselves. “Across the planet, people are contemplating the possibility that the United States might not be so exceptional after all”.

The article goes on to talk about other nations and what America has to do with them, our relationship and what the outcome of tonight’s election would mean for them.  Interestingly the article talks about Russia as the “dark secretive forces” that are “dogging” Clinton’s campaign.  I find humor in that comment because America would not hesitate for one second to gain information from a country that someone with clearance that didn’t know how to use it.  I don’t see this as Russia’s negative, but as proof that Hillary is not sophisticated enough (FBI’s words) to use technology and keep it secret.  Either way the United States is not the dependable country we used to be.  The past eight years have gone past, and we made it…not better than before, but made it.  If we can survive Obama, we have a pretty good chance to survive whatever candidate make it to the White House next.  Hopefully the world will go along for the ride.  Hopefully, someday will get it right again. click here to read the full article


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