Choking in New Delhi


In this article the author is talking about how New Delhi’s air has become so bad that people cannot breathe anymore. It is unhealthy for people to breathe the air because of the amount of fine particles in the air. The burning of crops and firecrackers have increased these particles drastically. These particles hit an astounding 688 micrograms per cubic meter, while cities like Beijing only have 56. The world health organization sets the healthy average limit at 10 micrograms per cubic meter.  The article also says that the government needs to help out more to prevent this from occurring and getting even worse.

While reading this article I thought about Fiduciary because government is constrained by the best interest of their clients, their client’s being the people. The government knows this is a big problem but cannot use all of its money paying farmers not to burn their crops. They are trying to act in the best interest of the people but look like they are not because they are not providing much support. However ultimately it is the people’s duty to keep the environment clean. Yes farmers need to make money and burning crops is the easiest way to get rid of what you didn’t sell and the best for them, but it is harming others. Their duty is to provide food for others so they can survive but if they cannot breathe they cannot eat, then no one makes money. This is a social injustice because they are not being fair to everyone.


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