BP #10: How Can You Choose For Me?

Plato suggest that the moral and intelligent man will act immoral when the fear of being caught or being charged of your injustices is non-existent. In many workplaces and universities they are taking away choices that were previously offered in dinning halls, marketplaces, and convenience stores. I am talking about sugary beverages such as regular soft drinks, sweetened teas, and sweetened fruit juices. The university of California, San Francisco took advantage of the policy they proposed and completed a social experiment.

The public health researchers have 214 employees going through rigorous study, collecting blood samples. Simply to answer the question what happens when someone consumers sugary drinks daily and suddenly stops? Does the sugar content affect their metabolic panel? Or does the consumption of such drinks drop drastically for participants?

However, do these researchers think this is okay? to disrupt normal activities for participants and see what happens. Won’t there be consequences?According to the ring of Gyges the just man and the unjust man will act in the same manner if given the security of protection. This protection stemming from the ring acts as an invisible coat. Protecting one from judgement and ridicule.

I guess the university and their research team are wearing rings of gyges not really paying attention to the consequences they are causing by disrupting normal behavior.

We may also discuss how this may be the best for everyone. The consequences of this action may provide the greatest good for all. Decreasing metabolic illnesses and preserving the health of our community. Is this utilitarian as well?

Even the vending machines, fast food chains, and food trucks are taking part in this movement. Do to the lack of access just six months into the process workers have cut their consumption rates by nearly a quarter. One employee has lost 5 lbs and wishes to lose another 20 by the end of the year. This process elicits a different way of thinking about what the employees consume. An employee was bringing regular pop, Capri-suns, and sweet tea to work until the realization of what she was putting her body through hit her.

Participants were drinking a 2-liter or three cans of sugary soda per day. So was this really a way to care for the community to create the greatest good? I have a hard time believing this was a way to control the public now. At first it was almost as if they infringed on our right to choice and happiness but after an ethical analysis and review I can see how that may be the furthest thing from the truth.




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