BP #10: Pushing towards the Ultimate Wrong




In recent news, a woman in New York was arrested for the tragic death of another woman by pushing her in front of an oncoming subway train in Times Square.  Originally admitting her wrong doing, she then later repeatedly denied that she had confessed.  It is said that the unfortunate incident occurred shortly after the two women got into an argument Based on what has been reported, there have been multiple witnesses to testify against her claim.

It is clearly evident that this case is completely immoral an unethical.  Let’s look at it from Kant’s point of view.  In Kantian Ethics, we know what our consequences will typically result in based on our intentions to act.  In those intentions to act, we can truly have an insight on the action before the fact.  This woman clearly knew that pushing this other woman in front of a subway would conequentially hurt in a very serious matter.  Her intentions were nothing but harmful.  According to reports, the suspect even made up a story about pushing someone onto the tracks last month.  This just goes to show how disgusting and gruesome this individual is.  Based on Kantian’s Universal Law Formulation, if everyone were to push one another into a subway tracks, everyone would be dead meaning that it is self defeating and simply impossible to accomplish that cycle.  This maxim fails the test if everyone were to do it, it would become impossible to do.


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