BP #10 – Should Retail Chains Open on Thanksgiving Day?


Halloween has passed and November quickly approached.  The smell of cool crisp air roams around campus,  Starbucks has released their holiday drinks, and Black Friday ads are beginning to be released. Thanksgiving is on its way.

The past few years have allowed for a dilemma for many retail stores, as well as for its customers. Most of us start off with the though “No way, it is wrong for the stores to make their employees come into work at 6:00pm on Thanksgiving” but our views seem to change when it saves us a couple of hundred dollars. Instead, we give in and beat the crowd to that new  high definition 3-D television.

This is a great example of poor integrity from the customer’s perspective. Most people feel bad that they are shopping while sales associates had to leave their family to be forced into work (often without holiday pay), but they proceed to do it anyway. I know that the first few times I went out shopping on Thanksgiving night I felt so guilty. I told myself that it was wrong and that I wouldn’t go out in protest, yet as soon as good savings presented itself, I gave in easily. The worst part was that I was embarrassed, there was no way I was going to tell anyone that I actually went out into the chaos on Thanksgiving night. I did (in my eyes) what I thought was wrong, because I knew that I could get away with it without anyone knowing. This relates to the example in the book about the moral man with a bad reputation  versus the immoral man with the good reputation. In this case, since I was too embarrassed to tell anyone that I went out, I was the immoral man, with the good reputation.




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