BP #10 Helping Veterans Not Because of, but Before

Disgraced Hedge Fund Manager Focuses on Aiding Veterans

Mr. Cohen is a former hedge fund manager who is not allowed to manage the money of others’ again until the year 2018. After the federal government began closing in on the case is when Mr. Cohen started donating. He gifted $17 million toward post-traumatic stress research for military families. Not long after he totaled greater than $325 million through the Cohen Veterans Network. This runs clinics and performs scientific research. Although this happened during the investigation, Cohen claims he was already doing this even before the federal government began through Robin Hood. When the investigations began, is just when he began doing it more directly and created his own network to where it could go where he believed his money would be more beneficial.

Some people see it as he is trying to get personal redemption out of donating his money towards veterans that are returning from war with post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injuries and also towards treatment and diagnostic tools.This may seem true when you only look at the fact that he began donating only after the investigations began, and that he won’t be able to manage peoples money anymore. Although, when you look more into it and realize that he was already donating in a different way even before the investigation, and then only coincidentally began donating much more outside of Robin Hood at the same time the federal government started closing in. When looking at the whole picture it becomes clear that Mr. Cohen was using Kant’s “Good Will”. He was not really giving his money for personal redemption. Before the case started closing in, he was already acting with “The Good Will”, and it only increased after the investigation. He was losing money. $1.8 billion to be exact. Even after losing his money, he still put hundreds of millions toward the aid of veterans. This shows Cohen was doing this only because it is the right thing to do.


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