BP #9 Vaping

It’s been about a decade since electronic cigarettes have hit the markets in the U.S.  And since then, usage of these e-cigs have decreased in use. It has gotten to the point that one major e-cig company is now filing for bankruptcy. It is believed that use of these products have diminished due to the lack of delivery of a good nicotine hit. Another reason has been a strike against it, which has layed out a pretty clear message to the average American person, “These are dangerous.” And this is partially true, but what many people are failing to recognize is that puffing on an e-cig is actually much safer than a traditional one. There is now mounting evidence given by research finding that an e-cig is actually 95% safer than a regular cigarette. So from hearing this it would make sense that any smokers of regular cigarettes should at the very least switch over e-cigs.

The ethical question that first popped in my head was does smoking make sense if you apply it to the Law of Nature? The law of Nature tells us that it is a rational rule which forbids a man to do anything destructive to his own life by means of preserving it. So, it does not make sense that someone would smoke in the first place. But does switching to an e-cig make someone more rational in that they are following the Law of nature? Yes. the next question was is it optimific to switch to e-cigs instead of smoking regular ones? Optimific means that an action you take must have a balance between good and bad consequences. I believe that switching use over to e-cigs in in fact optimific because the balance of potential good and bad consequences is more leveled out than smoking regular ones. So it makes ethical sense to switch from a regular cigarette to an e-cig.


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