BP #9 – Sex Trafficking and the Humanity Formulation



This article describes in detail an arrest that was recently made in the Mexico and the United States.  Four men from Mexico as well as two from the United States could face life sentences on charges of conspiracy to commit sex trafficking.  The article goes on to tell how this was a family business which had been going on since 2000.  The article describes the conditions that the victims had to face, and lists the methods of which they would go about torturing these victims.  It shows just how they were used as a means and not as an end.


This article speaks directly to Kant’s Humanity Formulation.  This formulation states that we should never act in such a way that we treat humanity, whether in ourselves or in others, as a means only but always as an end in itself.  The accused in this article created this family business which is part of a much larger epidemic that is taking place in this world designed to exploit victims of all ages even sometimes minors.  This is a direct form of an action that would not permissible when looked at through the lens of the Humanity Formulation.  If you are using people for the sole purpose of the actions they can produce for you then you must extract this action as one which is not morally sound.  The accusers threw out any thread of value that they had for human life, reducing these victims down into machines built for producing revenue for the family business.


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