BP #9 China’s Forbidden Babies

The first of this year was a very different kind of New Year for China, that is when their government lifted its “one-child” policy to all families to include a second child. They said this won’t make a major impact to their normal lives and many couples have been wanting this. Prior to this rule, women were either fined, or kidnapped and forced to have an abortion against their will. This new policy is a blessing for families who want to expand and give their first child a sibling, but for families that conceive a third child, the same horrors still apply. Families are forced to go into hiding and change their whole lives because they are considered criminals. They have to break the law to be able to be a happy family. This is something that is so unheard of in the United States that it is hard to wrap my head around. I think this is an example of the categorical imperative. The categorical imperative states that an action is a duty and is it a rational action. Kant believes that an unconditional moral obligation that is binding in all circumstances and is not dependent on a person’s inclination or purpose. So if every couple gets an abortion, then would they be able to have a prosporous and functioning society? No, this wouldn’t be the case because that is the point of civilization and humanity is to have families.





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