Blog post 9

This election has seen some of the craziest headlines and scandals in a very long time. From wrongfully handled classified e-mails to audio suggesting fondling women, this election has definitely been a wild one. One of the main targets of unethical behavior has been Donald Trump. Trump has struggled to maintain the allegiance of his own party. As Trump tries to win Wisconsin, we are starting to see ethical voting from party members.

Trump is desperately trying to win Wisconsin. Wisconsin is a state that could go either way, so Trump is putting extra resources into it. However, many in Wisconsin disagree with Trump’s views and actions. Many people who belong to the Republican Party also denounce his views and will not give him their vote. This comes is a shocking revelation because many people will stick to their party when it comes to voting. If someone identifies as Republican, they vote Republican. If someone identifies as Democrat, they vote democrat.

What we are seeing now is very ethical behavior. Instead of voting within their party lines, they are taking their own beliefs and values into consideration and making their decision from that. They are not paying a blind allegiance to their party, but making sound decisions. If this behavior becomes the norm, we could see serious change for the better. If we were able to universally vote with our beliefs and values in mind, no matter who the candidates are, the political system would change as we know. This would even give a chance to 3rd party candidates and end the cycle of 2 party candidates.


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