BP #9 Leaders to look up to

The article I chose today was about integrity.  I feel like this has been a hot button for me with the election coming up.   This article talks about the very infamous Bernie Madoff, who fraudulently “invested” money and caused a financial collapse of his empire.  This left many many people a victim of his schemes and broke to book.  This article also talks about the giant corporation Enron.  You may recall this corporation to be a “leader of energy, natural gas, communications and pulp paper”.  Enron employeed over 20,000 people, whom were let go from their position when it was found out that the accounting firm Arthur Anderson had supported accounting fraud and corruption at Enron.  Both Bernie Madoffs investment firm and Enron ended up going bankrupt and the corrupt people at the top went to prison.


This article talks about key ideas that can help point out integrity in the work place.  One of the points I would like to talk about is A promise is a promise.  “High-integrity leaders keep their promises, and if they can’t meet the agreed-upon timeline, they will stay in communication with you until the promise has been kept”.  This struck me, as the election nears and the promises fly, and makes me wonder if anyone in politics has any integrity at all.   The next item I would like to address is Transparency. “High-integrity leaders ensure their actions are “seen” as trustworthy and create a sense of certainty rather than uncertainty. They exhibit openness with respect to information, finances and various operational transactions and business dealings. When examined by others, their actions lead to trusting relationships.”  The election has been so secretive and you have to pull teeth to get a candidate’s tax records etc.  Our current president sealed his educational records as one of his first acts in office.  What is everyone trying to hide?


In this election, I see more than ever the need for this country to take good moral accountability.  We should take a page out of the book of the so many executives that can say they fit in with all the items listed in this article, and get some integrity back into the White House. To read the complete list click here


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