BP# 8: Saving a Life- The Good Will

This past August, Mikael Tekeste discovered a woman on the edge of Wabasha Street Bridge in St. Paul Minnesota. He immediately questioned the woman and asked what she was doing. She responded with a simple “tell my family I love them. I can’t do this anymore.” Tekeste responded by telling her that there is a solution to everything, even if she had made mistakes, she can fix them. The more he talked, the more she came down. The woman didn’t jump off the bridge that day, and it’s all due to Tekeste helping her realize all the potential life has to offer. Tekeste, who is a small business owner, has been using the phrase, “if you don’t like something, fix it,” for years now in his shop. He credits that with helping to save the woman. He says that everything is about your attitude, and I agree with his outlook on thinks. It helps to remain positive, and on that day in August, it helped save a life.

The story of Mikael Tekeste and the suicidal woman, can fit into Kantian Ethics while referring to The Good Will. On that day, Tekeste could have chosen to keep walking or ignore the situation, but instead he stopped and helped the woman. He did this simply because it is the right thing to do, which falls under The Good Will. He chose to help because it was his duty as a human being to help another that was in imminent danger. He didn’t decide to act the way he did because he thought he’d get recognition or it’d make him look good. He did it simply because it was the right action to take, which is ultimately what The Good Will refers to.



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