BP #8 Manhunt

Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2016/10/24/manhunt-underway-for-double-murder-suspect-who-shot-two-cops-and-stole-a-patrol-car-in-oklahoma/?hpid=hp_no-name_hp-in-the-news%3Apage%2Fin-the-news&utm_term=.a32ae7afc3d0

There is currently a man on the loose that is highly suspected for the Oklahoma shooting rampage where two police officers and several people were shot and injured, and leaving two people dead. This man is wanted for the account of 2 counts of first degree murder. They are saying that he has the mentality of going on his own path and nothing is going to stop him, and his path is destruction and hurt.  As it says in the headline of the article, he is on a mission to hurt people. Investigators are taking action to find Vance, before he causes anymore harm.

You can analyze this situation in the eyes of Kant. Kant believes that the moral worth of an action is based on the consequences it leads to and the intentions behind the action. He explains the idea of the good will which is acts of respect for the moral law, and you chose an action because its your moral duty. While the concept of utilitarianism does not concern itself with the intentions behind the action, the action of this man could be deemed rational since certain aspects aren’t considered. We don’t know that maybe this guy had an alternative reason for the shooting, maybe it was for self protection? But Kant views this differently, like above he is concerned with the intentions of the action. The article states that he was on the mission to hurt people, so his intentions were to hurt people. His action because it strictly goes against the moral law and duty that an everyday person should follow.

Kant also uses different test if an particular action is a duty, if it is rational and so on. The universal law of formulation is the test for whether an action is rational or not. It tests whether the action is consistent, what would it be like if everyone performed this action? In this instance of the man suspected, the action would not to considered rational. If everyone were to perform this action, it would be everyone for themselves and the world would be an all out war against each other. As an normal human being would deem the action of a shooting and murders as irrational, in the eyes of Kant is also deemed as irrational considering his tests.



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