BP #8 John Brown and the New York Giants

John Brown has been in the hot seat for the past year or so for allegations and charges of domestic abuse. He was suspended with pay by the NFL earlier this season for these charges. However, his team, the New York Giants, stood behind him and “had his back” despite the fact that he told them what he had done and the fact that the NFL had punished him for his actions. However, after the state of Washington released the details of their investigation into his domestic abuse were released to the public, the Giants decided to cut him from the team.

This decision came after the NFL and the Giants were criticized for their lack of action and stance on domestic abuse. The NFL has stated that they plan to do more to stop the issue of domestic violence in their league. John Brown has not denied these allegations but insists that he never “physically” abused his wife. However, he does acknowledge that abuse takes many forms and has been striving to not just be a statistic and to help other people who are abusing their domestic partners.

Now the question is, were John Brown and the New York Giants acting ethically and morally optimally in this situation? Firstly, I think it’s clear to say that John Brown and his domestic abuse of his wife is unethical. Looking at Kant’s Humanity Formulation, he tells us that we are not to treat persons, including ourselves, merely as a means. In other words, don’t treat people like things. Brown clearly violates when he abuses his wife, whether physically or not. He treats her a thing to help with his own psychological issues and not as a person.

Obviously Brown is guilty of acting unethically, but what about the Giants. I would argue that they to acted unethically in their handling of this situation. Kant tells us about the idea an action being done with good will, or an action done for the sake of doing it. I do not think that this was the motivation behind the Giants releasing brown. They did not do this action because it was the right thing to do, they did so because they were starting to look bad as the public was starting to receive more and more information about Brown’s actions.


Kant from class


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